Online Gambling Addiction – The Real Victim is the Young Adult Gambling Virus

The real victim: online gambling addiction. The more you gamble the more you crave that little bit of win, that « feel good » sensation. Each little win leads to a fresh burst of natural endorphins, that natural reward drug. Gambling addiction is not unique in non gamstop casino reviews this respect.

online gambling addiction

Even non-addicts will experience some of these « chemical rushes » when they win at online gambling casinos. But the real problem with gambling addiction is what it does to the individual’s long term health and well being. Regular exposure to repeated binges can result in severe sleep deprivation and also serious problems with the user’s weight and diet. The addictive substance of choice, alcohol, is also highly addictive, physically as well as psychologically. When the user returns to their former habits, the withdrawal symptoms are even worse.

It’s important that young adults who are exposed to online gambling activity while still in college learn better ways to handle their addiction and turn it into an education and discipline tool for their lives. Too many young adults end up living with the shame, embarrassment and guilt of being addicted to gambling. This leaves them no recourse if they find themselves in real financial trouble because no one wants them to take a chance on their financial stability by taking out loans and credit cards. The first step should always be to seek help from reputable and properly licensed facilities for treatment options.